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How to Draft a Dissertation Presentation

When dealing with any dissertation paper, you must be ready to present your work whenever the tutor demands it. Often, students would focus more on the writing process and forget that they have to polish their presentation skills. Because of that, we have this article to prepare you for such tasks. Read through it, and you will never face difficulties when making a presentation for your dissertation.

When to Provide a Presentation for Your Research

There are two stages when the tutors request a presentation for your dissertation. They include:

  1. Mid research presentation
  2. Assessment presentation

As the name suggests, mid research presentations happen when one is still progressing with their research work. The purpose of such presentations is to enable individuals to showcase the progress of their research. It is always good to have such presentations because it helps people identify what you need for the remaining part of your research. Fellow students and supervisors can attend a mid-research presentation. Commonly, this is the time students state the challenges they are facing in their research and if they require help in so.

Assessment presentation happens after you are through with your research. This presentation aims to provide the findings obtained from the study. It is a summary of all that you have researched. The students with the presentation, supervisors, and examiners are the only people present in an assessment presentation. The reason being that it is an oral examination to test the validity of a research project and assess the student’s effort in that particular research.

What Is The Purpose Of A Presentation?

Now, how should you present a dissertation presentation?

Before you face the panel to assess your work, you must first understand what to include in your presentation. Here is a guide to help you. A presentation should include:

  1. Your academic discipline – What scope of work are you handling? Does it relate to your field of study? Ensure that you provide such info in your presentation.
  2. A topic related to your field of study – When the audience has understood the broader subject matter, you can now narrow down to the specific theme that you are handling. As such, you’ll need a topic for your presentation.
  3. Relevant studies – Are there any available research that relates to whatever you are doing. The presentation should clearly state that there is evidence of research conducted in that particular field of study. To achieve that, you must indulge in research.
  4. Methodology – How did you manage to accomplish your research project? The method should be logical, with proof that any other institution recommends it. You should state every step you undertook to achieve the aim of your research.
  5. Resources – What tools did you use for your research? In mid-research assessments, you might want to suggest resources lacking in your study, of which you need help to achieve.
  6. Research results – After you are through, you must provide the findings of your research project. The presentation should clearly state the results after giving all the stages followed to achieve that.

Remember, you only need to have confidence during the presentation. To achieve that, you should rehearse regularly. Finally, you’ll need to proofread your presentation to remove any errors.

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